Corporate Social Responsibilty

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The whole philosophy of National Organics is to provide quality natural organic agro forest based products while sustaining and respecting not only nature, but also the people who work with us in collecting and growing the products we export to the global market.
In addition to providing fair, sustainable incomes we also work with the communities to not only improve plantation and farming practices but also to improve their overall lifestyles.

Pursuing our Responsibility to our Producers
National Organics, in conjunction with a local non-profit organisation, Grow Nepal, provides training on improved methods of plantation and cultivation on an on-going basis. Training is also provided to the communities we work with on things such as the importance of education for children, the importance of general cleanliness and health, and the importance of equality and equity among people.
Working with mainly the poor, women, Dalits, and other disadvantaged groups, it is important to us that we break the traditional norm and uplift their livelihood and general attitude towards themselves and others.
In addition, again in conjunction with Grow Nepal, we provide communities with access to health facilities through regular health camps, and to non-formal education classes for older people who have never attended school.

Our Responsibility to the Environment 
It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we do not do more damage to the environment.   As an individual we can only do so much.  As a company we can do a little more.  As a community we can do more still.  Therefore, it is important for us to ensure the farmers, collectors and suppliers we work with recognise the environment is something to be treasured.  In the areas where we work, in the far west of Nepal, traditionally people have lived in harmony with nature so it is not such a great leap to rekindle their traditional knowledge and respect of the environment.
Through re-planting trees, sustainable use of cultivated land, recycling where possible, and through providing all our staff, growers, collectors and partners access to awareness training on the environment, we continue to work towards minimizing the impact we have on the land.