about company

Established in 2010, National Organics is a leading manufacturer and exporter of natural, organic agro forest products for the global market.Behind the foundation of National Organics lies two experts in field of community based organic farming and processing who came together with the vision of creating a company which not only serves its clients but, more importantly, serves the communities where its products come from.

Our Guiding Philosophy
Our philosophy is to cherish, protect and sustain nature while providing communities who work with us with a sustainable and fair livelihood.
Cherish nature through a policy of do-no-harm and respect for all flora and fauna.Protect nature through encouraging only the use of non-chemical pesticides and fertilizers and avoiding such methods of harvesting and cultivation that harm the land.
Sustain nature through as sensible balance of livelihood needs, sustainable harvesting and replanting.

Sustainable and Fair Livelihoods
Our two prong approach to sustainable development ensures:-
- For sustainable supply and production, we assist and promote agro forest based production through improved cultivation and plantation practices. This is achieved with the assistance of Grow Nepal through training and awareness raising in the communities we work with.
- For sustainable livelihoods, we have formed excellent long term relationships with the communities we work with, providing them not only with a regular income and fair working conditions, but, again in conjunction with Grow Nepal, with training, equipment, organic pesticides, and seeds. See our CRS section for further details of how we work with our partners.