soapberry liquid extract

Soapberry extract liquid is mostly used as a laundry detergent or cleanser. The liquid form is extracted from pericarp of the soapberries. Our soapberry extract liquid is manufactured through water extraction from organic certified soapberry shells (pericarp) which are collected from the forest in the Himalayan range of Nepal. It is really miracle for any laundry use naturally. It is amazing with its Himalayan altitude properties. Its natural essence makes you feel different. It is best laundry liquid among others. As a liquid laundry detergent, it is used as a glass and mirror cleaner, a dishwashing liquid for dishes and the dishwasher, multi-purpose cleaner, hand wash, body soap, carwash etc. Extract liquid also be used as an ingredient in cosmetic products. Apart from detergents, it is used in many personal care products like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, pet shampoo, jewelry cleaner and many other. Every time you choose a natural alternative like the soapberry, you choose better health for your family and a cleaner planet. It is sure that soapberry extract liquid is a gentle cleaning liquid. Soapberry extract liquid reduces laundry costs by half! Being so gentle and non-toxic, soap berries are outstanding for fine, delicate fabrics and silks.

Major benefits of Soapberry extract liuid are as belows:

Environmental benefits
natural & renewable resource

100% biodegradable
chemical free
pesticides free
sustainable agriculture
low carbon footprint

Dermatological benefits

It is used as:

  • A safe and effective detergent
  • A mild shampoo substitute
  • A food safe dish wash product
  • A hypoallergenic baby fabric detergent
  • An excellent antibacterial / anti-fungal floor and surface cleanser
  • An ingredient in many personal care & cosmetic products


We generally use aluminum bottle as per the size or quantity from 100ml to 5 lt. But it may varies as per the product nature and shapes. We also offer different customized design as customer/buyers’ choice and requirement. Small plastic bottles may also be used for packaging. We put retail packs into big master carton/cardboard box before shipping.

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