Valerian Essential oil

Valerian Essential oil

Botanical Name Valeriana officinalis
Common Name Nepali Valerian
Family Valerianaceae
Parts of used Rhizome and roots
Method of Extraction Steam distillation
Distribution 1500-3300m, throughout Nepal’s hillside.
Type of production wild crafted

Product Description:

Valerian Essential oil is a high value wild crafted essential oil with its amazing medicinal and aromatic values. It is obtained through the distillation of rhizome and roots which are aromatic, stimulant, carminative and antiseptic. Rhizome and roots of valerian are collected from the altitude of 1500-3300m throughout Nepal’s hillside in forested areas. Valerian is recommended for the treatment of insomnia. It stimulates the central nervous system, and reduces spasms and anxiety. Valerian oil has been medicinally used treat trembling, delirium tremens, headaches and heart palpitations.

Chemical Constituents:

Valerian Essential oil contains Acetic acid, ascorbic acid, beta-ionone, calcium, caffeic acid, magnesium, manganese, quercitin, valeric acid.

Plant Description:

Valeriana officinalis is a perennial and erect herb with velvet-hairy to hairy.; root yellowish brown, 1.5-3cm long, 1-2 mm thick; rhizome, yellowish to brownish, 2.7-6 cm long and 5-10 mm thick, sub-cylindrical. Leaves radical persistent, stalked, cordate-ovate, acute, toothed. Flowers are in a terminal clusters, white or pink tinged, borne on erect nearly leafless stem. Fruits are small with persistent pappus like calyx.

Valerian roots are bitter, acrid, astringent, alexiteric and useful in hysteria, epilepsy, colic, cholera shell shock, jaundice, asthma etc. Roots and rhizomes are useful in hysterical fits, other nervous disorders and flatulence. Roots are used in afflictions of eyes and blood and enlargement of liver and spleen. Oil extracted from the rhizome is use in cosmetics industries. Root paste is applied to treat headache and eye problems. Valerian reduces insomnia, mild anxiety or restlessness, muscle spasms and cramping, menstrual cramps, intestinal cramping/colic.

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